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Calculate coaxial cable type/grade to transfer digital video signals to a known distance/length

Major cable suppliers such as Belden and GEPCO publish guides that correlate at least two factors: Signal bandwidth or SMPTE standard (standard def, HD, 3G, etc) Cable length There are three other ...
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What are the pros and cons of using a 4k to HD digital extender zoom

I've shot 4k footage since 2014, and when mastering in 1080p, I often use digital zoom in post. There are multiple factors I would look at. Cameras that use a single sensor will display debeyering ...
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What approximate resolution did Beta SP correspond to?

The resolution is correct, but your understanding of how that is measured is confused. Analog video consisted of a series of continuous horizontal lines. Don't confuse the number of vertical lines ...
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Has a realistic looking film ever been produced entirely virtually?

Well if you take a look at the mandalorian, almost every background is computer-generated. Sure, the actors are real, but almost nothing else. If you're looking for entire cgi-sequences, you can take ...
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Is coaxial cable an option for distances of around 150 m to transfer SDI digital signals

300 Feet is about as far as you can take SDI or HD-SDI; before it needs to be reclocked. So no, 150 M is too far. Also the quality of cable; and if it's being run in parallel with other cables that ...
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video format for pre-demosaic'ed stream

Turns out the answer is yes. Such format is called CinemaDNG and is used for professional video production since 2009. Here's the spec for the format:
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Recommended Encoding for VHS to Digital to be Followed by Post Processing

With all due respect I believe this is a common misconception being promoted as an answer here: i.e. "its already low quality so a high quality copy isn't necessary". In fact it is the ...
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