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How do I get the best reproduction when playing a digital video on a PAL CRT monitor?

Yes - if the monitor is Standard Definition PAL, then you should make sure the source video is 25fps 720x576 with interlaced fields at 50i, lower field first. S-video should give a better image than ...
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What causes audio sync drift when digitizing VHS?

Audio drift can have a couple of causes, dropped frames (which a TBC can help with), and unstable clocks, where the audio isn't recorded at quite the precise rate it should be, causing drift, as ...
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What causes audio sync drift when digitizing VHS?

No, a TBC won't solve an audio-video sync problem. Most likely the sync problem is coming from a shortcut in the capture device or driver that samples the audio and video with separate and/or unstable ...
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What approximate resolution did Beta SP correspond to?

The resolution is correct, but your understanding of how that is measured is confused. Analog video consisted of a series of continuous horizontal lines. Don't confuse the number of vertical lines ...
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Real time merging of two analog video streams (coming for wireless receivers (pal/ntsc)

You'll need an analog DVE. They aren't really manufactured anymore, but you can probably find something used. If you don't need to resize the overlay video, you might be able to get away using an ...
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Benefits of component/RGB connector (vs. S-video or composite) for VHS capture?

Component Y/Pb/Pr is better than both S-video and composite. It supports higher resolution, and progressive scan (480p,720p,1080p). The Y is luminance and sync signaling, the Pb is blue minus, and ...
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How was analog video converted to an electrical signal?

Before understanding the answer to this question, you need to understand analog video displays, usually called Cathode Ray Tube Televisions (CRT TVs), often shortened to just "CRTs" in ...
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H.264 on analog camera

Here is a good guide to help you understand the compression. Go Digital, scrap analog. You won't need a computer to handle the cameras or a video encoder. Buy a cheap Axis camera and download Axis ...
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which digital format for old Hi-8 home videos?

Difficult to reply without knowing if you aiming for a full lossless codec or a lossy one can go too. You talk of H264, but this codec can also be used in a lossless way. If it was for me, and ...
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How to tune a musicbox

tI am building a music box comb ( and everything else ) to make a musicbox. I have found little answers out there but this is what I KNOW from trial and error. Get a cheap , used miter saw blade. and ...
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