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By how much can video and audio be out of sync?

There are, in fact, several standards on audio/video or lip sync. The problem is, they can't all agree on what the acceptable error is. What is well understood is that if the audio lags the video it ...
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Positioning subtitles in Premiere Pro CC

Do the math If you want to align your text using percentage offsets or any other 'round' number in pixels, you just need to perform some simple calculations. For example, 10% from the bottom of a ...
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Video production basics for a noob

I recommend you do a few things. Take an online course in video editing. You can either sign up for one at something like, or even just go to YouTube and search for video editing. There are ...
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What approximate resolution did Beta SP correspond to?

The resolution is correct, but your understanding of how that is measured is confused. Analog video consisted of a series of continuous horizontal lines. Don't confuse the number of vertical lines ...
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Is a UK PAL video tape compatible with a continental Europe PAL VHS/S-VHS player in terms of video and sound

The UK PAL VHS tapes will play back in a German PAL deck. The actual method of audio recording is not related to the PAL specification. VHS records up to two linear audio tracks. HiFi capable decks ...
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