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How to: Add Chapters, Sections, markers to video files to help direct access, skipping/ fast forwarding?

MP4 format does support chapters. You can use free Drax utility to create them. Please note that not all video players support MP4 chapters. You need to find one that does (VLC ?)
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change output order of FFprobe

The order in which sections are printed is hard-coded and insensitive to user specification. This is the layout in the source. if (do_read_frames || do_read_packets) { ... } if (do_show_programs) { .....
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Width and Height troubles

I just found out how to solve my problem. The H.264 codec is the issue, it somehow does not work with it and AE gives you a warning: Output file will be resized from 2085 x 2560 (1.0 PAR) to 2000 x ...
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Image sequence format for working with Blender and Apple Compressor

OpenEXR should be your friend. Targa doesn't support hi bit depth, and only supports run-length compression encoding. TIFF supports run-length and DEFLATE compression encoding, but that's no ...
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How to work with desqueezed anamorphic footage in FCPX

Create a new library and then click on 'New Project'. Here you can change the format to any resolution you want. In the sync dialogue your can also set a custom video format.
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Permanent metadata for videos

Containers don't support encryption of metadata, and without encryption everyone may change what he wants (even damaging by his action the whole multimedia file). There is a possibility to make a ...
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Samsung Note 9 high FPS videos won't play on Mac? (black screen)

Try the following: use the adobe media encoder preferably, or some other encoder to encode the file as something like prores422 or prores4444. use a different player, like vlc, djv, etc. Check if you ...
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Is there any use in archiving graded 8-bit footage as 10-bit file?

Yes, you will lose information from the grade if you save as 8-bit. Here's a thought experiment to illustrate. Say your original red level for a pixel was 128 out of 256 (00001111 / 11111111), and ...
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video format for pre-demosaic'ed stream

Turns out the answer is yes. Such format is called CinemaDNG and is used for professional video production since 2009. Here's the spec for the format:
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Most common formats that don't require any software or CODEC installs

I've always used H.264 and have never had any issues with anyone being able to view it on Windows or Mac. H.264 is my standard go-to for formats, but as you mentioned, it might not hurt to convert it ...
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