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How to reduce eye strain when video editing?

First, I have never seen anyone use one of those goggles; if you ask me, that's utter nonsense, but go ahead and do your own research. Or just try them, 18 $ is not that much, and you can always ...
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How do I get the best reproduction when playing a digital video on a PAL CRT monitor?

Yes - if the monitor is Standard Definition PAL, then you should make sure the source video is 25fps 720x576 with interlaced fields at 50i, lower field first. S-video should give a better image than ...
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Do old CRT TVs and monitors distort their image, or cut it off?

CRTs were originally round, as can be seen in this 1945 prototype. The cabinet masks off the outer parts of the tube to create the square viewing area. This is called overscan. Later tubes were more ...
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Does amount of display's pixels affects computer's performance on lower resolution settings?

Setting your graphic card to work at a lower resolution will provide a small increase in performance in the case you described. For example: 1920 * 1080 = 2,073,600 1280 * 720 = 921,600 2,073,...
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Strange behaviour of false colors mode on field monitor

Such cheaper monitors often don't have enough power to calculate it correctly. Often they are just added as a sales pitch. I wouldn't totaly trust it, but you can take it as a rough estimate.
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What kind of output is this?

That's a DisplayPort socket. Display port to HDMI adaptors are available, almost always DisplayPort is set up as displayport dual-mode, meaning a simple, cheap cable adaptor—e.g. this randomly ...
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Video production at higher quality - alternatives and solutions

First variant: You can try to set resloution of your display to 1920x1080, but I think that you will have scroll on your screen. I know that with digital connect via DVI port on Windows PC with XP it ...
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Output from a TV to a 2nd monitor

I have not ever heard of a TV that has this feature (I have encountered a few). Some high-end monitors have this, it's called Display Port daisy-chaining. As the name implies, it uses DisplayPort ...
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