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The cable in the picture is an analogue cable, so it's getting an analogue signal from your camera. It's just a cable, so the signal at one end is exactly(ish) the same as the other. To digitise it you'll need a device to convert the analogue signal into digital code. There is a big range of these devices, from cheap USB dongles on ebay like this to ...


Typically the problem likely isn't the SD card speed. Depending on the camera it's likely limited because of file size or import taxation. Most cameras use FAT32 as the file system on the SD card, which caps you out at 4GiB, so when you record enough footage to slam into that ceiling the camera will stop. Based on the Canon 6D we have in the office you can ...


Such devices do exist a reasonable amount of the time, but they rarely produce much in the way of quality. There are exceptions, but they are fairly rare. They do have their uses, but be aware that the results are most often marginal. Your best bet to find them is generally looking around the various smaller NY/NJ photo/video shops that carry a variety of ...


It works for me, but everything has a green tint and the higher the brightness the less any color but green is visible. Using a sony trinitron.

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