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Creating an 8K/4K video in ffmpeg from single image frame leads to video longer than audio

Directly converting mp3 was yielding incorrect times. So pre-converting to aac and then doing a loss-less copy to mp4 fixed it. I currently use the following: for i in *.mp3; do ( ffmpeg -i "$i&...
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Concatenated Video created with FFMPEG is longer than expected

As explained in the documentation, the inpoint directive works best with intra frame codecs, because for non-intra frame ones you will usually get extra packets before the actual In point and the ...
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ffmpeg problem with split & combine portions of same video

Thanks to Celdor for identifying the problem. The build of ffmpeg I had installed on my system was the culprit. Here's the output of running ffmpeg -version in the command line ffmpeg version N-113032-...
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How to fix an mp4 when 1/4 of the video is in one orientation and the other 3/4 is rotated 90 degrees?

pad, rotate animation ffmpeg \ -ss 0.0 -to 2.5 -i input.mp4 \ -ss 2.5 -to 3.0 -i input.mp4 \ -ss 3.0 -to 5.5 -i input.mp4 \ -filter_complex " [0:v]pad='max(iw,ih)':'max(iw,ih)':-1:-1[a]; [1:v]pad=...
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ffmpeg, audio tracks, and QuickTime player

Alain1A45 posted the correct answer as a comment, the following command creates an output file with working audio tracks for QuickTime player: ffmpeg -i in.mp4 -vcodec copy -tag:v hvc1 -acodec copy -...
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Resuming a partially-completed encode with FFmpeg

You could run ffmpeg in a KVM Virtual Machine, which should run nearly as fast native hardware. Then you could pause, snapshot, and resume the VM as necessary.
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Getting an error when attempting to use FFmpeg to copy primary AC3 audio to aac_he secondary audio

-profile:a aac_he applies to all output audio streams. Apply it to only the intended stream; -profile:a:1 aac_he.
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How to insert alternate frames from multipule video sources to create a single output file using ffmpeg

For anyone else looking for this, I think that I have worked it out. You need to change the frame numbers of the incoming sources before they are combined: ffmpeg -i TriMotion.ts -framerate 50 -...
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