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What exactly do FFmpeg options `-itsoffset` and `-itsscale` do?

Is it possible to display this metadata to find out if a video file has been edited this way? In the MPEG-4 parlance, it is not metadata — it is an edit list table inside an edit list box. Note: My ...
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In which order do `-itsscale` and `-itsoffset` apply in my FFmpeg command?

I decided to just try it out with an example video file and then compare the results I'm getting for each command. First, we generate an example 5 seconds video file example.mp4 for testing, counting ...
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ffmpeg: smooth zoompan with no jiggle

pad to square 1920x1920, then zoom to divisible by 2 value: ffmpeg -loop 1 -t 5 -r 30 -i img.jpg -vf " format=yuv444p, pad=1920:1920:-1:-1, zoompan=z='trunc(iw*10*(1+0.0015*in)/2)*2/(iw*10)' :d=1 ...
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How to remove text from video

The centre of your video is usually the most important part of your image. Any attempt to 'fix' it is going to be more noticeable than fixing something near the edges. I would try Content Aware Fill ...
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Why has transport stream (TS) a much bigger file size than mkv?

The short answer: container overhead. MKV (and to a lesser extent, MP4/ISOBMFF) are very "flexible" containers, and basically adapt to whatever you're trying to shove into them, provided the ...
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