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Each line in the concat list must be either a comment (start line with #) or a keyword. To specify an input, start with file, so 01.mp3 becomes file 01.mp3.


Install MediaInfo, right click on video file, click "MediaInfo" and follow below path. [Video_file] -> MediaInfo -> Options -> Preferences -> Change 'Output Format' to 'Text'. If 'Scan-type : Interlaced' flag is present, then video is interlaced.


If anyone happens to have this problem: from inside kdenlive, copy the video (even better: make a .zip and copy it) also from there, navigate to a folder which is inside a Git project paste the video or the archive there still from inside kdenlive, open a Git Bash, then commit and push the pasted file exit the file explorer and kdenlive navigate to the same ...

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