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See It uses ffprobe under the hood and can output an xml file. Here's an example output.svg: (Although it is slow - almost as slow as transcoding, because it scans the whole video.)


CRF is not a constant quality guarantee, more of an approximate bitrate specification. veryslow outperforms ultrafast in SSIM: ffmpeg -i output_crf-15_preset_ultrafast.mp4 -i Input.mkv -lavfi ssim=stats_file=ssim_logfile.txt -f null - ffmpeg -i output_crf-15_preset_veryslow.mp4 -i Input.mkv -lavfi ssim=stats_file=ssim_logfile.txt -f null - ffmpeg -i ...


I've put together a Python script that will do all of this. Generates the ffprobe and ffmpeg commands and runs them And outputs a file without black clips GitHub gist: """ @author: Use ffprobe to extract black frames and ffmpeg to trim them and ...


I use these commands: 4x speedup: ffmpeg" -r 60 -i "inputfile.mp4" -vf "tmix=frames=4:weights='1',select='not(mod(n\,4))',setpts=0.25*PTS" -c:v libx265 -an -x265-params crf=25 "outputfile.mp4" 16x speedup: ffmpeg" -r 60 -i "inputfile.mp4" -vf "tmix=frames=16:weights='1',select='not(mod(n\,16))',setpts=...

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