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Remove -vf scale=800:-1 to avoid rescaling. Remove -r 20 to avoid changing frame rate. You're transcoding from a stream in a MP4 to the GIF codec, so the bitrate will not remain the same, nor is there any sense in trying to keep it the same. A stream is scaled by using the scale filter in a simple filterchain -vf or a complex filterchain -filter_complex or ...


Yes, it’s ok*, as long as you’re downloading the free version (not the one that says “Studio”) of Resolve and not trying to circumvent their copyright protection. When you download the software, they ask that you provide some information about yourself so that they can understand their market demographics. If you don’t work for a company, just put that, “...


For subtitle timing, I would suggest Aegisub and save the subtitles file as *.srt, then you can add the subtitles and export your video with ActivePresenter

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