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I would do this in After Effects, not Premiere. It's better suited to compositing video effects (which is what this is). You might get away with a lot of static foreground imagery of trees as a matte which flies past quickly, assuming the shot is as short as the one shown in the youtube video. You would need to overlay the matted tree images over the footage,...


I think it means that they've been replaced by other in house effects made by Adobe which work better (ie less processing/rendering needed to create the same effect). Adobe tends to keep the old versions around for backwards compatibility in case you need to open an old project. This link is to After Effects, but it's the same issue:


I would put all three files on three layers in either Premiere or After Effects, and play with the different blend modes and opacity of each layer until the image looks right. Screen, Add, or Overlay modes will probably be worth trying. Premiere: After Effects:


Generally, speaking there are a number of issues with systems that have two graphics cards or chips active (unless they are the exact same model). One option is to disable the Intel card in the BIOS and Premiere won't be able to use it anymore and hopefully uses the Nvidia card. Research for any potential side effects that your system may show afterwards. ...

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