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0 This is an extension for chrome browser for running dolby atoms this works as expected, its free and can be downloaded from chrome wen store.


Web browsers do not include support for DD+. There is no way to play it.


No, there are not commonly accepted ways to optimize a pre-existing mp4 file without full re-encoding.


No and yes. For one, you cannot magically pull out more information from the video you have. On the other hand side, you can try to use NVIDIA's AI-Upscaling, which works fine on documentaries and nature, but it turns humans into horrible creatures. The Ai practically guesses what information is hidden between the pixels, so it's not 100% accurate. But ...


You can do either method. Short clips Take up less file space. Files are already cut. Long continuous shot Easier method when shooting, but more work in post. Easier to sync a continuous audio stream such as from an external mic.

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