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I had this problem at first. Soon as the video had had time to bed in at YT it was all good.


In my experience (using handbrake) increasing the bit depth increases the file size but not by much. However, lowering the CRF is what causes significantly larger files. I encoded several times the same source with different settings to see what I'd get, so for a random source of 1.45Gb (H.264/AVC) it gave theses results: H.265 8bit CRF 22 (slow) > 362.6 Mb ...


You need to define what is acceptable to you. Record a well illuminated scene and increase the ISO while decreasing the aperture and compare what noise level on your specific camera is acceptable for you, and you will know what are the limitations of your equipment. In the case of the example video, the noise is "the same" because both moments, the dark ...

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