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What is this video technique called and is there software to automate it?

First time question on this stack I'm trying to make videos for social media, but find it is incredibly time consuming, I'd like to turn long shots into short snippets that skip to the important bits ...
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Command line approach to taking a 16:9 video and creating a 1080x1920 YouTube short?

Is there a way of using ffmpeg or similar, taking a 1920x1080 video, cut out the middle bit for creating a 1080x1920 YouTube short and then getting it to upscale the middle bit? EDIT: I think this is ...
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Beginner looking to try a short CG film, any suggestions for software?

Sorry if I'm using the wrong terminology or anything, I've never done anything like this before. I'd like to try my hand at making a short 2-3 min film in CG. What I'm kinda envisioning is something ...
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What's the use-case of the Video Snapshot function on Canon cameras?

While browsing the video settings on my Canon 77D, I came across a peculiar function: What is the Video Snapshot function? The Video Snapshot function enables you to shoot short scenes that last for ...
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2 answers

After Effects: Shortcut for showing all transforming properties of a layer

just wondering if there is a shortcut in after effects to reveal all transforming properties (scale, position, opacity, etc.) of a selected layer at once?
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Getting inspiration for a first short film

I have a large amount of photo and video kit, and have always enjoyed casual photography and videography. I really want to make a short film, just for the sake of it, for the enjoyment of the ...
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