Is coaxial cable an option for distances of around 150 m to transfer SDI digital signals?

If coaxial cable can be considered an option for a distance of 150 m, is the cost of deploying coaxial cable, including any special connectors and amplifiers, larger than the cost of deploying fiber optic cables for the same distance of 150 m?

I know, this might be a very broad/generic question, but we are in the process of decision-making about our tech stack.

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300 Feet is about as far as you can take SDI or HD-SDI; before it needs to be reclocked. So no, 150 M is too far. Also the quality of cable; and if it's being run in parallel with other cables that cause interference can affect how long you can go.

You can reclock at the half way point using a distribution amplifier, and you'll lose 1 frame of sync for each time you reclock.

Your next best option is to run Fiber Optic; which you can run for 25 miles without having to deal with any signal loss issues.

  • Importantly to the cost question, you need to have power at the point where you reclock. The cost of installing a circuit in a typical major US city commercial building will be more than the cost of the equipment to run fiber for a small number of video signals. See this answer for links on maximum cable lengths. Commented Jun 13, 2017 at 22:28

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