I have a movie imported into my project. The movie consists of several aikido techniques. I want to slice the movie with blade into several segments, each contains only one aikido technique.

Having cut the video, I want to save each segment into a separate file. How to accomplish this easily?


Go to the deliver tab and on the left click on the file menu. Above it yopu should see the checkboxes labelled Render [ ] single clip [✓] Individual clips. check the individual clips box, and then check the Use Unique Filenames box. This will output every clip in your sequence as a separate file, with a numeric suffix, eg output_0001.mov, output_0002.mov…

enter image description here

You can either use a custom name or base the name on the original source clip. (This is how you export files from a grade, so that they link to the original footage file.)

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