GoPro saves video files in 4Gig segments, on my settings that's 5mins, 20 seconds per segment. That means after an hour of recording there would be 12 files.

The format is


where SS is the segment number and VVVV is the video number, one video is multiple segments. Example:


This means there 3 videos.

video: #10 = GX010010.mp4 + GX020010.mp4 + GX030010.mp4 + GX040010.mp4
video: #11 = GX010011.mp4 + GX020011.mp4
video: #12 = GX010012.mp4 + GX020012.mp4 + GX030012.mp4

Is it is, to put all of the videos in order into DaVinci Resolve's timeline I drag each segment, one at a time into the timeline.

Is there a way to add all the segments into the timeline in order in one step? Ideally I just want to select all the segments in Windows Explorer (or the Finder) or the Media Library and drag them to the timeline and have DaVinci Resolve order them correctly.

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As I was typing the question I think I figured it out.

Import all the clips into the Media Pool, sort by "date created" or "date modified" so the oldest is at the top.

enter image description here

Select all the clips, drag into the timeline

enter image description here

It appears they are all in the correct order

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