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Questions tagged [twixtor]

Twixtor is a software that allows to speed up or slow down video sequence

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Where can I found example video in 120fps and up? [duplicate]

Where can I found and download video example in 120fps/240fps and up? I haven't a device to record on that FPS, I want it for learn to create a slow mo video. Thanks
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2 answers

Working with Frame Rates & Slow Motion in Adobe Premiere

I'm a very new beginner to video editing, but I am trying to do the best job I can. I saw this tutorial about "slow-motion basic techniques": I learned the ...
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How to time-remap with Twixtor in Adobe Premiere?

I have problem to understand, how Twixtor works. I want to use Twixtor plugin with my Adobe Premiere Pro. I can only change speed for whole sequence. Adobe has its own filter called "Time remapping",...
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