Using overlay to move a image from left to right feels very stuttery, as if it's moving every 0.5 second instead of per frame.


ffmpeg -hide_banner -y -loop 1 -r 2 -i 'bg.png' -i 'centerpiece.png' -t 30 -c:v libx264 -filter_complex "[1:v]scale=iw*2.2:ih*2.2[scaled_cen],[0:v][scaled_cen]overlay=(main_w-overlay_w)/3+(t*10):(main_h-overlay_h)/2,format=pix_fmts=yuv420p" -r 30 output.mp4

The important part is this:


According to the ffmpeg docs, t is evaluated in seconds, but I've read elsewhere that its evaluated in MS, in any case I'd like my centerpiece to move a little bit every frame.

Here's the result of the command showing the choppyness:


So far i've tried things like the blur filter and minterpolate but I'm guessing the problem resides in getting t more granular or doing tricks with the fps.


After applying the answer of Mulvya it still seemed a bit jittery, but adding:


at the end of the filter but before the format filter seems to do the trick.

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The overlay filter draws on each base or 'main' frame as given; it does not create new frames.

In your command,

ffmpeg -hide_banner -y -loop 1 -r 2 -i 'bg.png' ...

The -r 2 sets the main video's framerate to 2, hence the result.


ffmpeg -hide_banner -y -loop 1 -framerate 30 -i 'bg.png' ...
  • Yep, that's it! I remember adding -r 30 in front of the command but I completely missed that I also had the -r 2 in there, so it just got overridden. Thanks!
    – Rohan
    Jan 10, 2018 at 14:51

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