I'm trying to incorporate color correction/grading into my Adobe Premiere CC workflow. I have an x-rite color checker, and have had some success calibrating in Davinci Resolve Lite, but I don't want to render everything in Resolve, just to have to rerender/edit in Premiere. Is it possible to simply output the calibration information (Looks & LUTS?) created from the color matching into Premiere so it's just another effect being rendered on my clips?

If not, is there a way to use Adobe Speedgrade CC to match the colors from the x-rite color checker and then send it back into Premiere without having to render all the clips before other editing?

I guess the final option would be to edit and render in Premiere and then use Davinci Resolve as a post-processing calibration step and rerender afterwards, but this seems like it wouldn't be as convenient and would be very time consuming.

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In turns out all I had to do was grade in DaVinci Resolve and right click on the graded clip's thumbnail in the color environment and select Generate 3D LUT (CUBE).

DaVinci Resolve exporting 3D LUT

Then in Adobe Premiere CC add the Lutemtri effect to an adjustment layer, expand basic correction, Browse for Input LUT.

Premiere CC importing 3D LUT

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