i want to know how to improvee the performance of video streaming (in the client side), like raise the cache of the browser or use a vpn (to hide the video traffic so the isp don't do traffic shapping).

Well, feel free to edit this question to add more examples.

Thx :)


I think browsers usually don't have configurable buffer sizes for streaming. If you can get the video URL out of the browser, you could stream with mpv or something.

mpv --cache-secs=15 http://example.org/video.mp4

mpv has several other cache-tuning options.

As far as using a VPN: your ISP still sees the traffic. It just doesn't see that it's an HTTP request, and even deep packet inspection won't be able to tell that it's streaming video. I think most ISPs, if they do any QoS-based traffic shaping, would prioritize streaming audio/video to prevent annoyances when realtime matters, unlike torrent downloads. So putting your traffic inside a VPN would if anything make it worse, in most cases, I'd expect.

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