I have a precomposed layer that contains many shapes. Inside my global comp, I have various positions being applied to the precomposed layer. Unfortunately, I need everything in my precomposed layer to go to the global comp due to lottie requirements. I am now looking for a way to grab each position of each layer inside this precomposed layer. How can I do that?

I have tried with this expression: comp("precomposedcomp").layer("precomposedcomplayer").transform.position

This expression works, but not the way I intended. It grabs the position of the layer inside the precomposed layer. The issue is that the positioning is set in the global comp... How could I possibly get this position? Assuming comps are exact same size.

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I think this is related to Layer Space Transforms:

Parenting a null causes unexpected results



I think you could use "toWorld" to determine where the layer is in your outer comp.

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