Usually, you can use this command to open a video with a subtitle in VLC, if it isn't detected automatically:
vlc.exe path_to_video.mp4 --sub-file path_to_sub.srt

But I want to open multiple videos, each with their own subtitle file. How do I do that?
Neither vlc.exe video1.mp4 video2.mp4 --sub-file sub1.srt sub2.srt
nor vlc.exe video1.mp4 --sub-file sub1.srt video2.mp4 --sub-file sub2.srt seem to work.

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This is a workaround which converts the files to another container format. It happens almost as fast as your hard disk can write data because nothing is re-encoded.

  1. use MKVToolNix (specifically mkvmerge) to combine the mp4 files and their srt files into mkv files (perhaps you can automate this with a loop). I never use this tool via command line and cannot tell you the exact command, but you'll find more information here https://mkvtoolnix.download/doc/mkvmerge.html
  2. use vlc.exe *.mkv afterwards.

Maybe this question helps too https://superuser.com/questions/609113/how-to-add-and-remove-subtitles-in-an-mkv-file which should also work with an mp4 file as input.

  • While this is a great workaround and did help me out, it is still not a direct answer to my question. So should I mark the question as answered or not? Many thanks BTW. Dec 16, 2020 at 20:30
  • Glad that works for you. But you can leave it as not answered, sometimes people answer after many weeks or months.
    – Matt
    Dec 19, 2020 at 21:26

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