I was able to remove metadata titles in mkv files through mkvtoolnix with this code

@echo off
for /r %%g in (*.mkv) do ("D:\Programs\MKVToolsNix\mkvpropedit" "%%~g" --tags all:"" --delete title )

I want to do the same thing with mp4 files too which probably cant be done with mkvtoolnix. How do I do it?


You can try FFMpeg. There are examples showing how to strip all metadata and removing just a single item isn't much different.

ffmpeg -i in.mp4 -metadata title= -c:v copy -c:a copy out.mp4

This can also be done with exiftool as of version 11.39. Exiftool can also do it in batch without need of a script.
exiftool -ext mp4 -Title= /path/to/files/
This command creates backup files. Add -overwrite_original to suppress the creation of backup files. Add -r to recurse into subdirectories.

  • But what I want is to only edit the file not create a new one. can it be done? MKVtoolnix can do it. – spamman Mar 8 '19 at 19:41
  • I don't know of any program that can easily edit such metadata for an MP4. – StarGeek Mar 8 '19 at 19:45
  • Try mp4box....... – Gyan Mar 9 '19 at 6:14
  • To follow up on @Gyan's comment, see superuser.com/a/970713/314998 – StarGeek Mar 9 '19 at 18:20

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