I have 4 files with same encoding to concatenate

  • "video1.mp4": duration 3 seconds. Show time from 00:00 to 00.03
  • "video2.mp4": duration 1 second. Show time from 00:01 to 00.02
  • "video3.mp4": duration 2 seconds. Show time from 00:01 to 00.03
  • "video4.mp4": duration 2 seconds. Show time from 00:03 to 00.05

What commands to get the following output?


00:01 to 00:02


00:03 to 00:05

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Basic syntax is

ffmpeg -i video1 -i video2 -i video3 -i video4
       -filter_complex "[1]scale=0.40*iw:-1,setpts=PTS-STARTPTS+1/TB[v2];
                        [m3][3]concat=n=2:v=1:a=0"   out.mp4

I assume all videos have same resolution and framerate. I've scaled videos 2 and 3 to 40% before overlay and offset their start time to 1 second.

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