I need to make a sort of animation. Not that I am going for same feel or style but I would like to make something that is sort of similar to the animated sequences in "Monty Pyhton's Flying Circus".

There is one catch though! I need to attach some collage/clip-art to something that can easily be distorted into a 3D-perspective - so I can move 'a virtual camera' around imported 2D-images(bitmap) in 3D-space (hope that's clear enough). Currently I am passing on Flash, I think.

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If you are a starter go for after effects, check videocopilot.net for subject of interest..


new project, import your prerpared files, create new camera, drag your footage to the timeline, mark the 3d layer switch, set up the positions of the layers(x y z) and roll the camera ;)

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