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Tamara Wijsman
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In my free time I visit Stack Exchange to help out people with their questions and help maintain the community. Located in Belgium, I have studied Computer Science at the University of Antwerp and became a Master in Software Engineering.

When I think a post can be improved I will try to do so by fixing grammatical or spelling errors, clarifying meaning without changing it, correcting minor mistakes, adding related resources or links. For the less obvious things of those I will leave a note in the edit, click on the date to see this.

I will only edit content in posts once, and let the author or other users be free to choose to rollback; when there are opposing views, we can raise this to meta to let the majority decide which revision of the post they want.

This will be done with respect of the original author and when I'm sure enough that it would only improve the post.

Have a nice day! :)

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