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Full-stack web developer, primarily using Ruby On Rails and associated technologies.

I am a specialist in getting technology products out of the ground, from the design idea to the fully functional application. Orientation to produce production quality but also quick feedback loops: delivering quick and iterate. In this area I have worked for many start ups and as well as personal business projects. As a “solo contributor” or as part of a small or big engineering team. As a senior developer or leading the architecture decisions.

Most recently in my role as a Co-founder and CTO of a fast growing technology company I was hands-on directing the implementation from scratch of an architecture that now supports more than 50K requests/min. Leading the technology decisions of a team of ~ 80 members.

I have worked in a variety of roles over the past ~20 years - sometimes as a "solo" developer, or in a small team; and more recently within larger technical organisations. I primarily work on Rails applications, but have a solid exposure to development across the full web development stack.

At one time or another, I have been in charge of: prototyping, implementing deployment CI based processes, cloud based servers administration, working on or directing scrum teams, working hand by hand with the product team, suffering the hell of having to make C level decisions, micro services, high load traffic, fraud prevention, performance monitoring, auto scaling, terabytes sized dbs, …

I've also had plenty of exposure to different languages including python, C#, Java. And of course most of the modern JS frameworks like React and VueJs.

... But Ruby is what I enjoy working on most.

I have had the luck of having been always rounded by incredibly well talented people. I have learnt everything I know from them. I owe everything I know to the people of the teams I have worked in, to the community around open source, web development in general and Ruby in particular.

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