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My name is Alex Abakumov and I've been a professional Software Engineer since 2005.

At the beginning of my career, I used primarily C\C++, and a little bit of PHP and Java.
In 2008 I started using .NET and since then it became my passion :)

In 2010 - 2015 I've been working with a German company doing projects for US and German clients and since 2015 I work exclusively with US companies onsite.

I have extended experience in developing software solutions in Transportation, Insurance, Finance fields.

I'm experienced with full .NET Web and Windows desktop stacks, WCF, SQL Server, HTML5 web apps based on JavaScript\TypeScript and Angular, KnockoutJS, jQuery frameworks, as well as developing mobile apps for iOS and Android (both Java and NDK) available on AppStore\Google Play.

I'm proficient with C#, Java, C\C++, JavaScript, TypeScript, SQL, Objective-C languages.

Except coding, I like science, reading, psychology, jogging and swimming.

Thanks for your time and hope you have a great day! :)

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