Natural Number Guy

Occupation: Blue-collar worker.

As a hobby-mathematician and number theories I study one dimensional bit-strings on finite lattice. Im a self-taught programmer, in languages such as; Basic, C/C++ and Assembly (machine-code). Knows a bit about bit-twiddling, boolean operators, logic-gates, circuits and so on. Studied electronics and computer science in school.

Would love to learn how to read, understand and write more advanced mathematical equations. Consider me more of a discrete guy than a continuous one ;D

My current projects:

  • Tiki 100, Z80A CPU and CP/M Systems, Floppy-and Harddrive Image formats (latest).
  • The Collatz Conjecture.
  • 6510 assembly programming projects.

I did some demographics in the past, but projected more into some areas in the field of mathematics, pure logic and lately the Tiki 100 Norwegian computer. Integrating some of my past work and programming experience into learning new and old mathematical concepts and computer systems is my current ambition.

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