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Full-Stack Web Software Developer from Toronto, Canada experienced in Web software development with OpenLaszlo, PHP, SQL, JavaScript, JQuery, JQuery Mobile, HTML5, CSS3, Flash ActionScript (AS3), AJAX, etc.

At my current job, since 2006, I have developed and maintained a large online video editing application with an OpenLaszlo SWF(Flash) client front-end, PHP back-end and MySQL database on a Linux Web server. I have done much testing with video and audio on the HTML5 run-time for R&D into the possibility of porting the video editing application to run completely in HTML5 in the future. I have also developed JQuery Mobile client front-ends to interface with the same PHP back-end.

I also have experience with many common web site and programming technologies (JavaScript, JQuery, XHTML/CSS, ASP, JSP, Java, C++, etc.) from my work experience over the past 12+ years.

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