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First PC I fucked with: TRS-80 Model II, and later a TRS-80 Model 100

State-of-the-art Accessories: Acoustic Coupler for 300 bps modem, Tape Drive, and Light Pen :

Technically this stuff wasn't mine; it belonged to my brother. I was warned not to touch any of it, under threat of broken fingers. ...so naturally I messed with it (repeatedly), and invariably I'd fuck something up, but (motivated by pure fear) I'd always somehow manage to figure out how it works enough that I could "fix" it before he came home... And so began a lifetime fascination with troubleshooting!

Come to think of it, it's a few decades later, and I'm pretty sure he still doesn't know (nor that I have a Stack acct!) lol

If you remember Tandy/RadioShack's TRS-series and want some nostalgia, you can apparently emulate the TRS-80 and some of its' lame software here, or trigger more memories at over at trs.80.org...

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