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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

× 76
A particular brand of camera gear.
× 73
Live refers to the manipulation and consumption of a subject in real time without significant delay, as opposed to playback after it has been recorded.
× 67
Videos on the Internet
× 65
set a property value for a layer in an After Effects composition.
× 63
short for Macintosh, a brand of computers created and sold by Apple Inc. Apple currently produces several lines of Macintosh computers including the iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, MacBoo…
× 62
A non-linear editing software developed by Blackmagic Design which is mainly used for colour correction and grading.
× 61
used to describe a portable, self-contained device, with video capture and recording its primary function.
× 58
a video editing software application developed by Apple Inc which allows Mac users to edit their own home movies in a streamlined interface. It was originally released by Apple in 1999 for M…
× 57
Recording or streaming output of a computer screen.
× 57
the process of capturing audio signals for the purpose of archiving, manipulation, or reproduction.
× 56
Questions specific to linux environment
× 48
short for High-Definition Multimedia Interface
× 46
A medium in which video (and possibly accompanying audio) information is stored in binary format. Also, the process of transferring video information to a digital storage medium.
× 45
the changing and enhancing of colors in a video/photo.
× 42
A motion graphics and compositing tool developed by Apple
× 41
a technique used to switch from one source to another.
× 40
is used for requests as to which piece of gear or what technique would best fit a particular situation.