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Need to locate documentation of FCPX XML ver 1.9

Apple didn't update all the documentation. Found it only here: Link
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I am having problems using xml list in transporting timelines from Adobe Premiere to the DaVinci Resolve

At the Big Picture level, commercial NLE companies' raison d'etre is to make money. As such, they are obliged to protect their own intellectual property, and distinguish themselves from their ...
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Importing XML into Premiere Pro - numbered stills / image sequence

The answer is that this is not possible - at least as per the time of writing this answer, since the concept of "image sequence" does not exist in the XML spec Premiere utilizes - namely, XMEML ...
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Premiere .prproj file ticks drift by 1/1000 compared to timecodes

First, let me say that I have no idea what Premiere is doing with its values or what a 'tick' means in their terms. I can only speak generally. The video frame rate should match the timecode rate, ...
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