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Camcorder Tape Capture

DV can be captured off tape with a firewire interface. Firewire was a data transfer protocol created by Apple, Panasonic and Sony that enabled the transfer of digital Video and data. Firewire plugs ...
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beginning of old VHS tape unreachable

It could be overtightened, some cheap VCRs tend to brake badly when spooling, this can apply undue tension on the reel. You actually can dismantle a tape cassette (to fix twists etc.) and pull the ...
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beginning of old VHS tape unreachable

27-years old?! Forget it. Tapes need to be regularly forwarded and rewound, fully, for them not to stick. If that tape of yours remained unused for so many years, it might be too late. Talk to a ...
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beginning of old VHS tape unreachable

As other answers have suggested, you're probably wasting your time. The tape is likely stuck to itself and will be damaged if you pull it apart, but maybe something can be done. Since you have ...
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