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What format should I use to archive video issued from mini DV tapes?

4:3 25 fps interlaced rectangular pixel 720x576 PAL .dv to 50 fps progressive 768x576 square pixel H.265 .mp4 (bob deinterlace, scale 788x576, crop 768x576, H.265, CRF18, slow, timecode, hvc1, AAC): ...
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Convert Anamorphic Pixels to Square Ones and Preserve Displayed Image Size

I think I've found the solution. In HandBrake, set Anamorphic to None, tick Allow Upscaling, and change Scaled Size. Unticking Automatic may also be needed. If so, playing with the first value in ...
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Why is animated SVG not used for streaming cartoons?

There are multiple reasons. Anime and cartoons are not created for the web. They are mostly created for TV and broadcasted there, and TV simply don't support SVG most of the time. Even today, Anime ...
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