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How to record HDMI video with USB?

You already stated your options and you only have one that would work: you need a frame grabber. A frame grabber is a specialized chipset that does a very specific task. Sometimes such devices are ...
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Rolling shutter strobe pattern

No matter when the camera shutter is active, if the frequencies of the video vertical timing (the frame rate) and the laser pulse are not congruent, you'll see partial exposures as they drift apart. ...
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What’s the best way to use a Canon 60D as a webcam on MacOS?

From what I have found, using Canon 60D on Mac has the following challenges: There's currently no listed EOS Webcam Utility for Canon 60D on Mac. There do seem to be some people succeeding with ...
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Editing Daniel2 Cinegy out of pendrive USB3, possible?

It depends on the USB flash drive, for example some have > 100 MB/s R/W capability and would be similar to working with a traditional HDD. However USB flash drives have chips which are not meant for ...
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Connect GoPro Hero 7 Black to Macbook Pro 2017 via USB-C

It does work with GoPro Quik software and I also found that my Android File Transfer software picked it up and showed me the SD card as a filesystem I could copy files from just like it would my phone....
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Connect GoPro Hero 7 Black to Macbook Pro 2017 via USB-C

According to page 61 of the Hero7 Black manual, you can transfer files to your computer using USB-c. The manual only mentions being able to do this with the Quik application on your computer. Most ...
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Need advice about VCR to PC connection

The problem is almost definitely with the tape or the VCR. Most likely the sync or black level is off or the control track is fluttering, which is throwing off the ADC in the capture dongle. You will ...
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