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Why does moving objects in some videos flicker or distort horizontally

This is called interlacing. It's a video artefact left over from the days when video signals for television (and domestic systems) sent every other horizontal line, then filled in the missing gaps, ...
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Live Streaming with Sony A7III via HDMI

To stream with a camera such as the a7III via HDMI, you'll need another piece of hardware. An example of this kind of thing would be "elgato" which produce different devices for this exact ...
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How to setup Sony A58 for clear movie recording?

The solution is to change the video file format in the Menu: From AVCHD to MP4.
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Why is my camcorder creating 10:40 clips?

Most devices use memory formatted as FAT32, which gives you a 4GB file size limit, so a recording is broken up across multiple files. For Sony products, Catalyst Browse is normally the software used ...
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Transfer videos from Sony HC9 tapes to Windows 10 laptop

iLink will give you a lossless digital transfer of the source material, if maintaining perfect quality is important, I would go with that connection. DON'T attempt an iLink/1394 to USB adaptor, if you ...

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