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I realise this question is pretty old now but it still comes up quite high in search results so I would like to document how I got the "sr" to work (August 2020) in case it can help someone else. Before proceeding it is worth saying that I was not overly impressed by the result. I felt on my test videos that lanczos did an ever so slightly better ...


Since Google Summer of Code 2018, FFMpeg has supported the sr filter for applying super-resolution methods based on convolutional neural networks. However, as you have discovered, few super-resolution tutorials exist, and compiling FFMpeg with proper libraries and preparing models for super-resolution requires expert knowledge. To make super-resolution in ...


The video's color transfer characteristics (trc) and color primaries flags are not being set on the output video, which is causing the video player to use incorrect values for playback, resulting in washed out colors. When encoding, use the following FFmpeg flags to resolve this: -color_trc smpte2084 -color_primaries bt2020 Note that these flags do not ...


Although Mark has provided great answer, you don't need to train models from scratch, all Super-Resolution models that ffmpeg supports have pre-trained checkpoints: all you need to do is to convert it to frozen graph (.pb) file and then use it in ffmpeg.

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