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Creating a one-off non-pro video to document a project - what software would be sensible?

This question gets asked quite frequently, and normally the answer is to pick one from this list. But since you very clearly defined what you are looking for in the editing software, I think I can ...
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Which techniques/filters do improve sensation of speed on a motorcycle?

I agree with my fellow German dude. Lowering the framerate (until 24) can increase the feeling of uncontrolled speed and momentum. If you already did that and didn't get the effect you were looking ...
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Editor between Davinci and Capcut?

Is Resolve too advanced, (vs. Capcut)? No. I would say they are different types of editors. One "feature" of Capcut-like editors is the template library. Resolve has some libraries, like ...
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ASS subtitle - Different alignment at block and inner level

If you're familiar with an ass file, you can position your text by using \pos(150,250). Example: Dialogue: 0,0:01:00.00,0:01:15.00,Default,,0,0,0,,{\fad(500,500)\pos(150,250)}{\i1}{\b1}Your Text The ...
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What software should I use to replace an LED display in a train carriage?

I would do this using after effects. You need to do a little bit of motion tracking as there is a tiny bit of motion on the camera as the train moves. Find a font that matches the LED display font on ...
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Which techniques/filters do improve sensation of speed on a motorcycle?

Camera lower to the ground always looks faster Wider image (this example is very wide) Sound makes a difference. Watch this example muted and then loud) Ask all the other drivers to go slow. :-]
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Which techniques/filters do improve sensation of speed on a motorcycle?

I think you should consider to lower the frame rate or if possible change shutter angle. 60fps make the footage more crisp and take away the effect you looking for.
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How to mute monitors automatically

You should be able to find monitor muting as a default or configurable setup on most radio consoles. Make sure you looking at sound boards that are specifically marketed as radio consoles. Something ...
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Compact Camera for nighttime live streaming?

You can use old(ish) Android phone to have all-in-one solution or you can use go-pro camera with laptop.
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Capturing speech audio and video with a smartphone?

Were I work we used an iPhone 7 and a Samsung S8+ for an experimental web series to capture video. The result was awesome, specially when you use stuff like the DJI Osmo Mobile 2 Smartphone Gimbal. (...
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Multi-source, picture-in-picture live stream

Like @screaming-drills say's: this can be done with softwares like Wirecast and OBS. You could also get very expensive hardware to do the same eg. from Blackmagic Design, I would however look at the ...
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Multi-source, picture-in-picture live stream

Investigate some of the software switcher products such as "V-Mix". Or some of the computer-based integrated products like NewTek "TriCaster". They will handle many more inputs than even the large (...
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What are the pros and cons of the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 for video editing?

As you mentioned, mobility would be your biggest pro by far. With the Surface Pro with highest specs (as you mentioned), you'll get a very competitive machine. The biggest thing you'll be missing (...
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