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Here are my starting premises. In the scientific community, There are some standards in the assignation of letters for units. Normally a capital letter is assigned if the unit cames after the last name of a person, like Kelvin or Newton, and a lowercase letter in the case of just words like the case of a meter. In the case of the liter, where it is not ...


Without an example it's hard to say, but I think perhaps sometimes people just hold up their camera and film, they can't or don't frame the shot or adjust the zoom, they're often standing in one place and can't get closer to line up a good shot. Also lighting is super important for good video, unless it's filmed during the daytime in sunlight, the quality ...


If all you need to do is superscale an image, going through the trouble of training neural networks is re-inventing the wheel. By all means, if you're studying computer science and are interested in AI/ML, I'd encourage you to look into it, but to just superscale an image, you don't need to train a neural network. There are tools available. In DaVinci ...


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