The kind of X you are seeing usually appears when applying a demo-version of a transition of an effect. Are you sure you are not using some third-party transition pack that you simply haven't bought yet? Try using the standard cross-dissolve and report back if the X remains with native transitions. Cheers!


Replicating an accurate VHS-look is a complicated profession, but if you are not worried about the technical accuracy you could emulate it like this: Create a solid called "Displace-Map" Apply turbulent noise to it set the scaling to something huge in the x-axis and something reasonable (100%) on the y-axis. alt-click the stopwatch on "...


HAdobe publish this information on their website - see this link or below: https://helpx.adobe.com/premiere-pro/system-requirements.html It's pretty simple, personally I would use the recommended specifications as a minimum in a professional environment. If it's for personal learning, then it's your call how much you spend, but don't get anything less than ...


There are 2 solutions: Create a sequence with all assets that have not been used so far, but which you would like to keep. Next, use the Project Manager to export all relevant files to a new location (your archive) and have "Exclude unused Clips" checked. You may choose to do 2 exports: one with all the sequences for the main video except the ...


I had the same problem when i updated my graphics driver, I use Windows 10, Intel i3 8th Gen. Version which did the problem was you need Intel Graphics - BETA Windows 10 DCH Driver Windows 10, 64-bit version link to update your driver https://downloadcenter.intel.com/product/80939/Graphics

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