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Is there a way I could have pushed my content through to the original URL (barring the big collapse)? That's not possible unfortunately, once you stop the live event the content that was ingested is made available for on demand streaming and no more live content can be streamed to YouTube. If you think about it, it would be difficult to do otherwise, ...


We used RTSP and it works fine. There are a few benefits of NDI (like doing PTZ controls over that protocol) but not worth the price jump for the cameras, in my opinion ($600 to upgrade each camera to NDI). We do notice a ~200 ms delay in the video reaching the mixing PC behind the audio so we just use Vmix to delay the sound and match them up.


I know this is quite old, but I just figured it out, since the "embed" thing didn't work for me. Youtube blocks the view all the time with suggestions to log in or accept cookie messages. Here is what you can do: Open VLC locally Go to "Open Network" Paste your Youtube Video link (VLC will convert the URL into a link to a playable video ...

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