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Record video without Live View / Turning off Monitor while Recording

I can't record video using only the eyecup view D5200 is an SLR, that is a single-lens reflex camera. As opposed to mirrorless cameras, SLRs use a mirror which sends the image which passes through ...
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Practice Manual Focussing

Ever see the credit for "focus puller" in a film's credits? That's a single person's job, just to keep the camera focus where it should be on a moving shot (or even for changing the focus point at the ...
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Nikon D3300 video auto-focus?

Nikon D3300 supports AF-S and AF-F modes for video recording. AF-F helps you to keep focus without touching the shutter release button. This page says that you never touch the shutter release button ...
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Is Nikon D750 a good choice vs. Canon 5D Mark III for avid Videographer?Edit

I use Nikon SLRs among a suite of other video cameras for professional corporate videography. The latest full-frame Nikons have proven to be good solutions for a higher-end look. As with all SLRs, ...
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Practice Manual Focussing

Don't try to judge critical focus from the viewfinder on the back of the camera. They are usually far too low resolution to be able to tell if things are pin-sharp or not (even with a loupe device). ...
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Flickering when doubling shutter speed

Sadly this isn't how it works. It could work with 25FPS and 1/200 if the shutter is precisly on the light impulse. Also keep in mind that even if the electricity is 50Hz, the light could have a ...
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How to get camera settings from video file shot with Nikon D3300 DSLR?

You can extract all the available metadata using a free Exif Tool which you can read about here. You need to bear in mind that you're less likely to extract as much Exif data from video as you are ...
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What is best setting of Nikon D3300 camera to shoot daytime video from a moving car?

Shooting through a windshield is a very dicey proposition. There is an amazing amount of glare that you don't see when you are in the car, but which you will see when you look at your camera footage. ...
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Does the HDMI output of a Nikon D750 use HDCP?

A mini-HDMI to HDMI adapter will not impact the presence of HDCP on the signal, it merely changes the connector passively. As to whether your Nikon uses HDCP or not, I'm unsure. My Canon 5D Mark iii ...
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Fixing ISO value of each frame of a recorded AVI video

You can just turn off the AUTO ISO feature and set the ISO manually. This way it won't change throughout your recording, and this will also produce more consistent lighting, unless the lighting ...
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