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Decoding H.264/AVC Frames in MP4: What's the Output Format?

"would the output data be in a specific format, such as JPEG (identified by the FF D8 marker), or would it be raw bytes representing pixel data?" An H.264 decoder should decode to raw YUV ...
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Missing video codec

Check whether the second video can play on a PC or Mac. If it can, it means the video codec isn't recognised by the Samsung TV. Transcode the second video using a free tool like Handbrake. Make sure ...
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Do mobile phones really record in these odd framerates?

Yes, most phones record variable frame rate (VFR). Discussion: To check, see
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Widely compatible video format with lossless audio

To my knowledge, the only lossless audio format with really wide compatibility is plain old linear PCM. As container format, MP4 is the most wide-spread.
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