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My favorite quick, cheap, DIY greenscreen over the years is a gallon of chromakey paint and a sheet of drywall from Lowe’s or Home Depot. One sheet is enough for a seated, talking head, like you see in most corporate interviews, and the rigidity of the drywall keeps it flatter and more even than any fabric solution. If you can get away with storing a sheet ...


I interned at a company many years ago which used a retro-reflective background coupled with a green LED ring light, which surrounded the lens. The wall looked silver/white when the device wasn’t in use, so it blended into their office better than a chroma green wall would. When the device was in use, it’s trick was that it DID cast green spill onto the ...


I think if you light the wall green, you will get lots of bounced light back onto your subject which will play havoc with your key. Amazon does very cheap greenscreens now, which work pretty well so long as you have a way to evenly light them and your subject is isolated far enough away from the screen and lit separately.

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