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Kdenlive - cut on point

Figured it out. The shortcut is "Shift+R". It's located in top options > timeline > current clip > cut clip.
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Is there an equivalent to Premiere's tilde key in DaVinci Resolve?

You can't expand any panel to full screen in Resolve 16 like you can in Premiere Pro. You can expand the viewer to full screen with cmd/ctrl-F, and on the color page you can also get different viewer ...
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Keyboard shortcut to extend clip duration (without changing speed) in order to fill gap for J-Cut in Premiere

Shift-Q does it - as per the following StackExchange answer which refers to images but this applies to videos too: Shift-Q - extend previous edit to playhead
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How to Cut & Ripple Delete on a german laptop keyboard?

I figured it out. The commands you're looking for are: End to Playhead - in Application/Trim/Ripple Start to Playhead - in Application/Trim/Ripple Put them on some shortcut that is actually working on ...
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Premiere Pro - How to pan around zoomed in Program Monitor

I figured it out. Press H to switch to the Hand Tool, then you can drag the viewport around
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Show current frame or display timecode (frames) on MPC-HC?

I landed here before finding the answer elsewhere ( Try View\Statistics (or Ctrl+4) to display the framerate, multiplier, and ...
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Is there a hotkey to move the selected clip to the timeline beginning in Premiere?

OK lots of ways to do this, here's a few: Open a sequence, and then double click the imported video to open in the source window, go the beginning of what you want and press "I" to mark the ...
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Show current frame or display timecode (frames) on MPC-HC?

If the video file has subtitles (even fake ones, even not being displayed), you can go to View -> Subresync (or hit Ctrl + 6) and you'll see the timecode in the status bar displayed as {Hour:Minute:...
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daVinci Resolve: Split-clip shortcut on German keboard

It seems like this key simply doesn't work on German keyboards. It's probably because you have to press Alt-Gr to get the "" sign on a German keyboard, and the software doesn't accept that ...
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DaVinci Resolve 12.5.5 - Deselect Power Window

You can use the key combination: Shift + ` (Shift and Backtick) to toggle the Power Window overlay on the [Color] page. This also works for viewer overlays on the [Edit] page in Resolve 16.
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