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What happened to the 3CCD camcorders?

"The ugly CMOS replaced CCD" because of cost, complexity, power consumption, pixel density, light sensitivity, etc. In every regard — except of the rolling shutter artefacts, of course — CMOS sensors ...
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In what aspect ratio shoud one record with a DSLR?

When you take a photo with a Modern camera "usually" it's 4/3, I know you can change the aspect ratio, but that's not my point. I assume, that the sensors of DSLR cameras are the same ratio, because ...
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I want to insert my photo as background in my video which has white background

To replace a white background with an image, you need to use a Luma Key. A Luma Key is like a Chroma Key, except that instead of using a color value (such as green or blue, usually qualified also by ...
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Focus in Video vs Focus in Image

Focus is focus is focus, whether for still or video. But the story does not end there. Focal length, aperture, sensor size, circle of confusion, etc., all play a role in determining whether you ...
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Why is CCD still alive?

The main reason is that while CMOS has made great strides in overcoming it's limitations, there are still some advantages that CCDs hold. I wasn't able to find anything completely up to date, but ...
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Is a 1/2.3" sensor good enough for tv?

Actually, 2/3" sensors have been, and still are used for television all over the world. Even now that recently there has been an increase in larger sensor camera's being used for TV production, by ...
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Does anybody get a strobing effect when filming video with the D90?

Many types of artificial lighting flicker at twice the rate of the power source. This is most pronounced with fluorescent lighting, but also happens to a lesser extent with incandescent. Common power ...
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