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Is a torn DV tape recoverable in any way?

Mini DV tapes can be spliced, so it should be easy enough to reattach it to the reel in similar way. Be sure to use tape splicing tape and not any other kind of tape. Be sure to only put splicing tape ...
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Transfer videos from Sony HC9 tapes to Windows 10 laptop

iLink will give you a lossless digital transfer of the source material, if maintaining perfect quality is important, I would go with that connection. DON'T attempt an iLink/1394 to USB adaptor, if you ...
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What Options Are There for Importing Mini DV and Hi-8 Tapes to Thunderbolt?

Well for MiniDV, you want to find yourself should budget permit, the Canopus ADVC Conversion Unit. It is by far the best realtime hardware (external small box about the size of a VHS tape), that will ...
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